A Film’s Power

The film Before The Flood is a documentary film from 2016 that identifies the most important problem of our time – the impact of climate change. The documentary is presented by the world famous actor Leonardo Dicaprio. In the film we follow Dicaprio who travels the globe. He is examining our fossil fuel addiction and he learns about possible ways to avoid catastrophic damages that could make the world unsustainable for the human life. The first half of the film states the climate change problem, the second half lists solutions, including dietary choices like eating less beef.

During Leonardo’s expedition, he gets to meet and speak to many different influential figures such as Barack Obama, Pope Francis and former tech innovator Elon Musk. He also gets to hold a speech before the United Nations calling for greater action on this issue.

I have seen many different documentary film’s about world problems and climate change, and to be honest most of them was difficult to watch because it was too boring. But this film, with the A-lister Leonardo Dicaprio at it’s center, this one offers pivotal, current information, as well as giving us some kind of hope for the world.

By using a famous actor like Leonardo Dicaprio, who has many fans all over the world, I think it will have a stronger impact on many more peoples, than it would if they just used a regular reporter. I also think more people will watch a movie if there is a person they like or look up to.

The film definitely made an impact on me. I think thats mostly because I have always liked Leonardo Dicaprio as a person, and I love his work. I would for sure think this documentary would be really boring if they had chosen a regular reporter I don’t know who are.


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