Shutdown in the US

Currently there is a partial shutdown in the US that started already the 22. December. So how did this shutdown happen? The shutdown happend beacuse the Congress could’nt agree on the budget by the deadline and president Trump is still today refusing to sign it. Trump want’s his funding for the border-wall. There are many bad sides to this situation. A quarter of the Government is still closed, which means many people, 800,000 to be exactly are left with no work, or they have to work without getting paid. The Democrats and Republicans are now trading blame for the shutdown.

There are many other bad side effects of people not getting paid. National Parks have become hazardous because there is no one to clean and look after them any more. The national Parks was already struggeling before the shutdown. At Joshua Tree National Park there have been so called “toilet-angels”, voulinteering to clean the facilities and shuch. But not all the National Parks have voulenteers and many parks have now become unsafe and uncared.

Even native american tribes are affected by this lockdown. They are now strugeling because they dont recive substantial federal fundings no more. A Chippewa tribe in Michigan, been forced to use their own fundings to keep clinics and food stores open. Some tribes are actually trapped in their own homes and they have no access to medicines or groceries because the roads are unploughed. Science is also having setbacks. Over a thousand scientists are barred from their important work. One woman told the BBC that her husband is suffering from cancer and that he therefore conducts cancer drug trials. But because Food an Drug Administration employees are furloughed, the drug now sees delays because they have to approve the medicine. Their cancer will with other words continue to grow.

So what more will this shutdown lead to? Well, it could mean that the US have to get money to pay for the wall that costs billions of dollars. Even though Trump says Mexico will finance it, it is not likely that Mexico will offer up the cash at all. The shutdown can also be a kind of wake-up call to the Congress about how much power is granted to the presidents through the 1976 National Emergency Act.


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